About Us :

The Daily Muktakhabar [muktakhabar.net] is a major daily and news portal in Bangladesh, delivered in Bangla on an interactive, integrated multimedia platform for relevance and timeliness. It is a think tank of ideas, new outlook and new visions. Muktakhabar was founded on 10 December 2010.

The owner of this site is a journalist of the daily newspaper and known as a writer, is working based on accuracy and consistency, drawing on the resources of an energetic young team.

Muktakhabar offers news with a unique perspective on Bangladesh - not just on national events, but also those beyond its boundaries with an impact on the country. It is the world's window on Bangladesh, setting its sights on being the leading provider of essential news and information services to print and broadcast media, local and international, to government, non-governmental and business organizations, and to Bangladeshis at home and abroad.